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    Challenge accepted ♡♡

    The one thing I don't love most, but it helps me calm down. Looking upon your completed, astounding artworks makes you soo happy, doesn't it? ♡

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    P(arts) of painting....

    At the age of 4,

    I learnt to draw trees and houses, seas and suns.
    But that was not enough to impress you.

    So, at the age of 9,

    I learnt to draw objects, still life.s, apples & bears
    But as you never had much interest in youth paintings, I dropped that too.

    So, the age of 10,

    I started shading. A considerably hard style.
    But my lack of patience and haste to impress you failed that too.

    at the age of 11,

    I tried water colour. The one that seems simple but is very tough, remember? But my own brushes ate me and left you in a confusion whether to like or dislike.
    And yet again I failed.

    at the age of 12,

    I started pencil sketches. Doing birds and eyes.
    You were (finally!!!!!) Satisfied. But I wanted to impress completely.

    now at the age of 13,

    I am learning something I have never done before. I am trying portraits. The one that is the hardest.

    And by the age of 14,

    Until I sketch your nose and lips and eyes and brows, and make those three words escape you, I will try.

    // so, darling. Just to impress you, I am progressing everything. //