• kaekay 55w

    Hey first love,
    I always wanted to tell you what you meant to me and how I felt everytime I saw you so here you go:
    I remember how shocked I was to find you waiting for me near my school lane,offering to drop me home.That was my first time with a guy in bike,having you looking at my face through the side mirror, pretending to not notice.How I smiled the whole day feeling so special and beautiful
    I couldn't stop myself from thinking about you.
    Though being a family friend,I only get to see you occasionally,was really desperate until you bumped into my tuition.With the room full of people,I couldn't help but see you once in-between every two seconds,until you made your way to come and sit next to me,rubbing against my knees with yours,you were so close that I could feel your breathe and I flushed, please take me back already.
    I couldn't forget waiting near your school everyday to steal few glimpses of you without your knowledge.
    Oh yes!you caught me a few time thinking it was accidental,I used to laugh after you leave but secretly wish that you knew I was there for you.
    Remember wiping your wet hair with my stole one rainy evening?our eyes met a few seconds and honestly I never really experienced magic until then(don't know how long I had that stole unwashed)
    The way you wrote our names together in my book,my heart skips a beat everytime I see that,i know it never meant anything to you because it's silly but I used to put it in my bedside table everyday to get some sleep.
    I had always appreciate the fact that you read all my stupid scribblings to intense poems without me having to ask for it,I could tell you more but you already knew as you read everything that every single word was meant for you.
    Deep down I still wish you had being reading this because no matter how much life changed for us both,we still have pieces of eachother that no one else can steal.

    Virtual hugs,

    Keerthana jayaprakash.

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