• mustafa_khn_ 116w

    We all live different lives in a single lifetime.
    there comes a point where you feel numbness in your heart and everything seems to fall apart, but you hold on to life because they say suicide is meant for cowards.
    i don't know but may be just may be i would have opted for it if it wasn't a sin, I'm dead anyways in the inside, torn apart by this cruelty around.
    I've seen much in life,
    I've seen how people change,
    I've seen how hearts break,
    I've seen people crying,
    I've seen people bleeding from inside,
    all they could hold on to was a pillar of patience,
    waiting for someone to heal them,
    waiting for someone to make them whole again,
    waiting for someone to carve out the perfection in them,
    life for me is really a slow poison
    and perhaps I've started to enjoy every sip of it.

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