• theturquoisemetaphor_ 21w

    July knocks my door bringing umbrella
    and jerkins along with a box of memories.
    Walking in the path of October, We
    sipped the coffee and gaze at the stars,
    counting the stars, creating constellations.
    Couldn't believe you are one today.

    Its July 1 and I reminisce the flowers
    you gave me, with the note of poem.
    You recited it to me, promising you'll
    stay "forever". Your words fill the voids
    our infinite distance. Your poem hangs
    in the sky, as I gaze at it, and you smile at me.

    I play your favorite playlist to bloom
    my morning, in your favorite transparent
    white cassette. It rains to accompany my
    solitude, creating your bliss. I am drenched
    in memories of us, awaiting you. I wish the
    water would wash away my longingness.

    The dusk breaks and the birds chirp,
    The wind sways heavily. I peek over for
    you out in the balcony, where we uses to
    read books. I search for the lost characters
    in the novel, just like how you left me. The
    turquoise flowers you gave me still blooms
    in my heart.

    ~ Poojaa

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    // I ended the letter with my heart full of grief. I'll count the stars everyday, in memory of you. //