• ibtidatahsinibnat 43w


    I grew up hearing the marvelous friendship stories of my mother .But I never had such a memory. I was a new student in my school at grade 1 .And from the first day they started bullying me .I was the least preferred student of my class .So I couldn't complain the teacher. They used to mock me every time. They even used to fake report to me .I was also compared to garbage .They used to tell me how ugly I looks. They used to touch my stuff with just only two fingers beacause I was dirty to them .They even used to talk how poor I was. Even my seat partners used to never talk to me .I was ignored by everyone .My presence and absence were similar .But one day I decided that I won't tolerate this any longer and I built my confidence. I built a new personality. I am no longer the person who stays at silence.