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    On a bright chirpy morning while the birds propel by the crisp breeze along the golden rays and halo clouds while the world is filled with melo chaos
    You might be tucked safely in bed with shallow thoughts and stacks of million books left unread.
    Like an origami stiffly positioned across a pile of pages highlighted in pale read counting the numbered days left
    Half lost mind and anxiously laid veins drum with ticking time.
    Having to pop a pill or two with the lies of assurance that you'll be fine; but you'll know you won't
    Or maybe you might be the one in an uncalled accident with no time left on your sleeves; just heart thundering, brain pulsing and slow numb darkening.
    In the last few minutes left you'd easily allow regret to slip into your arms filled with sorrow and a thousand of thoughts pounding in your chest,most of grief and horror and of all the chances you could've had taken to tell them how much they mean or of all those dreams you had but you confined them for a tomorrow.
    But did a tomorrow return?
    Did the same opportunity come back where you could've told.them how much you loved them in your head or how they mattered and their eyes that gave you the warmth of cool sea or how metaphorically you'd have words for them at your tongue at rest.
    You'd always push it for a tomorrow like it was a promise, but promises? They break they shatter when that's all we crave and whenever we talk about a tomotrow it's nothing but a gamble between joy and sorrow.
    Because tell me how certain you are of a tomorrow?
    All our lives we debt our joys for tomorrow!
    No wonder who knows what all could happen
    So if you are alive today, do it today
    And believe that you'll die tomorrow
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    “all our lives we debt our joys for tomorrow”