• i_mahi27 60w

    I am just another boy//

    Some think of me as I'm similar to their lustful ex while the others think of me as the pervert who used to shout their figure out on the lone road to their homes However I am neither of the two i'm just another brown boy, with brown eyes, a little bit of ugly face and few morals, I've been raised with. I'm just another boy who is happiness to my parents(sometimes) like you're to yours. I'm another boy who is drowned amidst responsibilities of making my parents feel proud. I'm just another boy with some weird ideas and dreams to fulfill. I'm just another boy, I repeat again.
    I'm like you, I tell you. My parents love me as your parents love you(sometimes). I do struggle for my dream job too, like you do for urs. I am raised with morals, like uh. Yes I knw yess i am addicted to cigarettes sometimes it feels better whn uh smoke
    I too miss my ex and cry. I too love and care and repent my actions when someone betrays me, I too am gone through the shocking gesture of my bestfriend leaving me. Moreover it's more hard for me to be myself around, you'll surely call me less of masculine if I'll show you my tears. bt my everyday struggle is something no one talks about. I've been cheated too, my trust been broken many a times
    I'm a human too,honey !
    I can, shout , cry in pain, say no while paying the whole bill, make you wait for me, act like a victim and gain sympathy, but you knw, they all have made themselves believe that men are always rich, emotionless and guilty.
    However remember I'm a human like you, strong, brave and nasty when messed with.