• inked_selenophile 34w

    I have started marking
    myself safe at on facebook at 10pm.
    No, not because we live in earthquake prone
    area,but because my parents have a thing
    for Arnab Goswami's Republic show at 9
    Puchta hai Bharat.

    I don't get my parents seriously.
    First they deny me the permission to have
    a pet dog in home.But then they allow this rabid dog inside our home every goddamn night.

    Chalo,I understand liking the chowkidaar beyond
    Rhyme or reason,but do we have to appreciate
    his loyal dog too.

    I feel sad for Assam, first time after many years,
    they have gave us a national celebrity,and he
    turns out to this piece of shit.
    Its Like Assam wanted to balance the good karma
    It got from giving the nation the uber melodious Papon
    And hence gave us this breathing noise pollution

    Yesterday in the first 15 minute of his show
    Arnab used terms like-
    "Bollywood mandli ki kundli,
    Dum maaro dum gang,
    Ganjedi Gang,
    Nashedi nalayak,
    Gudiya ko pudiya se Pyaar hai"

    At this point, it doesn't look like
    Arnab wants to know about who
    in Bollywood did drugs, but it looks
    Like he has already decided, and he is
    Angry because that person didn't invite
    him to smoke up the stash.

    Arnab yaar, Nation wants to know, when are you going stop destroying the common sense of the population of this nation.


    (I saved this )

    He was so talented ����

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