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    Heart : In having 2nd thoughts on travelling tomorrow.
    I don't know why. That anxiety.
    Conscience : Stop it. The anxiety is because you keep
    second guessing every thing whether it’s money
    or anything enjoyable. This is no different than
    buying a shirt for you that you want

    Heart : ��
    Conscience : You are allowed to enjoy. It's been booked.
    You can't cancel. Go. Go do something. Without
    anyone telling you what to do. The panic is because
    you are supposed to be controlled and you aren’t
    allowed to think or want to do this things… if you
    did or did this, you will be beaten mercilessly until
    you beat it out so you never think about doing
    anything for yourself cause every ounce of your
    being and every cent you make is to be used for
    Heart : Sigh..

    **Damn that 2nd thought. She must tamed this. Tame it once and for all. Tame it for her. Tame it for her future. Tame that anxiety! **

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    Tame that anxiety!!