• shrutitripathi 7w

    Close your eyes again,
    again for maybe nth time now?
    Close because you
    don't want to see bad
    Close because you fail to
    identify what's good
    Close because you cannot
    find or create peace, and love,
    and hope, and faith.
    Close because, no,
    just close, as you should.

    Cry for one more night,
    curse the night for
    not waiting for the morning,
    curse the morning for
    staying way too long.
    because O you poor heart,
    you just cannot let anyone
    and anything stay,
    you never knew you're blind,
    so blind to find stars in day.

    How many more songs to play,
    with this damaged headphones
    you carry like your crown, a crown
    just to ignore the mad crowd?
    What song do you listen to?
    Where do you find yourself?
    In which verse, in which tone or line?
    You liar, you liar, you liar
    telling everyone how you breathing happily
    in a world so fine.

    Who expects a sad poem from a clown,
    not even you, my damned soul,
    for what purpose you're here,
    What you are playin' is not your role.
    Who's in the poem that everyday you write,
    Who set the battle, who's here to fight?
    I heard multiple cries,
    it's definitely not just you,
    your problems are common
    in fact, the same with few.
    There's no solution,
    they said it's an illusion,
    life's an unhappy story
    and happiness, a hallucination.

    Someone said - you're not alone
    Why? Why? let me make it a home!
    staying together in shattered homes
    isn't safe, or happy, or a matter of pride,
    it's like a roof with no walls, no rooms,
    where everyone's lying, everyone's crying,
    indeed home is big but where to hide?

    Another evening, another sad poem
    I don't even know if it's called sad even.
    Isn't anything that's repeated
    becomes a habit you fail to recognise,
    like that of breathing, you don't know
    when you breathe and when you sigh.
    Come on, me, and you, and other few,
    let's tell everybody once again that
    nobody's alone, everyone's sad,
    there's a huge crowd together, going mad.
    No one's afraid, but everyone is in fear
    laughing their heart out, eyes full of tears.

    -Shruti, you're not here alone,
    there inside, is a huge crowd,
    yet no home.��

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