• pacifierpunch 38w

    Me, nature and riddle....

    And, I sit
    behind closed windows of traditions,
    gazing the humility of sky
    and vengeance of winds,
    like one going for the jumps
    and other preferring to be numb,
    as if the shine in my eyes
    choosing to be diffused
    and flares in my heart is
    brimming with vehemence
    and rip apart everything that makes me brood
    but yet, I wonder,
    as the sky and winds entwine,
    what exudes is explosive or benign?
    And, then I quip,
    May be, I feel entangled,
    May be I feel choked,
    as if at the crossroads,
    I have nowhere to go,
    but the keys to my quandary
    lies in nature's charming sundry,
    beckoning me to pause a little,
    and relish the concoction,
    I am served with a riddle.....