• shafak 54w

    After the celebration of Eid in the month of shawwal the eighth day is not an ordinary day . It's a day to remember and most importantly to protest against the demolition of Jannat-ul - Baqi situated in the area of Hijaz ,in present day Saudi Arabia.

    The literal meaning of Jannatul Baqi is ' The garden of Heaven ' which is the most spiritual and sacred cemetery consisting of the graves and shrines of some relatives and comrades of prophet.It is said approximately 7000 graves are located in this pious cemetery including of the resting place of some Imams and uncle,aunt ,wives and sons of prophet.

    It is the irony that such a pious cemetery known as garden of heaven has turned into a wilderness only with razed ground on account of demolition by Wahabi cult propagated by King ibn Saud .Just imagine if the graves of our dear ones are destroyed or occupied we are hurted . How can we tolerate such a brutal act of some tyrants like Saud for the graves of the dear ones of our prophet.

    At the beginning of the House of Saud's 19th century control over Mecca and Madina, many of the religious buildings including tombs and mosques whether inside or outside the Baqi were demolished in accordance with their doctrine of wahhabism that has no belief in monuments and graves.

    British convert Eldon Rutter compared the demolition to an earthquake.
    " All over the cemetery, nothing was to be seen but little indefinite mounds of earth and stones, pieces of timber,iron bars and a broken rubble of cement and bricks strewn about".

    How heartbreaking will be this demolition for the prophet who himself used to visit this cemetery for delivering the prayers for the deceased buried there.

    The site of Jannatul Baqi is seen extended with the group of pigeons ,flying high and then perching on the razed graves showing their respect and mourning for the relatives of prophet and wailing in a way to have a hope for the arrival of devotees in mass.

    During this lockdown period when we are unable to protest the demolition in a procession and gathering at least we are to protest and pray for the reconstruction of the cemetery in the coming days.


    @shafaq Rizvi