• mirakee_writer 160w

    Heart over matter

    When your heart suddenly feels
    light, excited, at ease.
    When you feel like your heart just knows what to do
    and your worries are far from your mind as are you.

    You know that your mind will start chasing,
    racing to hold down your heart.
    After all, it is there to protect it,
    ever from breaking apart.

    But in order to keep your heart happy,
    like a child, you must soften your hold.
    You must let it run free for a while,
    follow and see what unfolds.

    Your heart is stronger than what you would think,
    and recovers at much greater speed,
    so please just try, every once in a while,
    to give it the freedom it needs.

    Believe in your heart and embrace it,
    and give it all that you've got.
    Because whether it turns for the best or the worse,
    you'll be happy more often than not.