• finnisam 71w


    Beset by beasts around my person, malevolent monsters of degradation.
    I beseech you to remove the temptations of trespass,
    Verily, I must put my own memory to the task, wear a mask
    Of woven scarlet, the purple of mockery, embrace the charms of the harlot.

    A vow of chivalry did I once take,
    My mind and heart do see the mistake,
    A vow I could not keep, beyond my means,
    For I do love you as it seems.
    Yet cannot bind myself to your eternity,
    Preferring instead the company of the earthly.
    Forgive me not. For that is too much.
    Forgive my sin, hot to the touch.
    Forgive my blade, stained with the blood
    Of the murdered soul. I wish you could.
    A heraldic cross upon my plate of steel,
    The heart replaced the plate, I now thus feel
    The woes that I had tried to suppress
    And the loves that I cannot express,
    Only in deed and not in word,
    Only in need. A prayer unheard.