• 18letterstoraika 72w

    With love to a mockingbird
    setting along with the pink shades
    in the paper inks of orange hues
    at the edges of rivers, under the cosmic blues;
    caressing creased paper planes,
    scribbling in the love poems
    to all the octobers lost in time
    and all the lovers lost along.

    with love to the violet and blue shades
    chasing the sundown in space beneath
    unacquainted of the forevers ahead
    accompanied by the nameless flowers
    named after the forgotten days
    blending in the sunset itself,
    you become its shades,
    violet, and blues.

    with love to the infinite canvas
    where i sketched the edges of the flowers
    and merged them with the october poetry,
    along the horizon of dusk and dawn
    leaving traces of broken love
    and named it after you.

    /to the opacarophile
    seeking love in the little things./

    - Malaika

    @/deepwounds you are being missed here <3

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