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    My Aunt Barb passed away today. This is my tribute to her. Rest in peace, Aunt Barb. I love you and you will be missed dearly. ��������

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    Rest in peace, Aunt Barb.

    The clouds have taken the place of the sun today.
    As of this sad morning, you had to fly away.
    Another angel in Heaven,
    but we are all left here to grieve.
    Though we know you're in paradise,
    we still didn't want to see you leave.
    You are the first of my beloved mother's
    amazing sisters to pass,
    but it brings me peace to know that you've
    been reunited with mom and uncle Jack.
    I'm comforted knowing you've been
    embraced by Grandma and Grandpa too.
    I know they've all been up in Heaven
    waiting with open arms for you.
    Aunt Barb, I am so sad that I'll never again
    hear your voice saying "Hi, Love!",
    but I'm sure I'll feel your love and light
    wrapping me in warmth from above.
    My heart breaks for Todd, Lynn,
    Uncle Ron and Sue.
    It's going to be so hard for them
    to carry on without you.
    Uncle Ron told me when he met you,
    that you changed his world.
    He said that you were the most beautiful
    out of all of the Tully girls.
    He loved you then and I know he always will.
    He'll adore you until time literally stands still.
    My love and prayers are with them,
    as well as your sisters and brothers, today.
    Though it's so hard for us to let you go,
    we all know that we have to try to be brave.
    You are in paradise now and out of pain.
    We are the ones left standing in the rain.
    It makes me so happy to know that I was able
    to tell you I love you before you left.
    That special moment will stay in my heart
    where my treasured memories are kept.
    I love you very much, Aunt Barb,
    and we will miss you always,
    but I know you'll send your love
    through the sun's gentle rays.
    I know you'll always be the light
    shining down on your adoring family.
    Please give my beautiful mother
    a hug and a kiss from me.
    Another beautiful angel resides now in Heaven
    and there's going to be many more fallen tears,
    but we'll never forget what a beautiful ray of sunshine
    you've been in our lives, for all these years.

    ©loverenay - 5/1/2021