• akshay_vasu 50w

    Birth and death of a leaf

    #akshayvasu #birth #death #life #regrets

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    They were all searching for death and life in different places. But there they were sitting on the same branch of the same tree while looking at the same leaf. Every time death let out a breath, the leaf gave away life. And every time life took a breath, the leaf pushed death away. Someone found this tree and let the ones who were searching for these two know about it. And they came in search of this tree and stood in front of it. They saw the life and death on that branch and began climbing that tree to seize them. The moment life and death gazed at these people, the tree vanished and placed itself as a reflection inside each one that tried to climb. Since that day, the birth and death of the leaf have been happening inside each one of them, and every moment they wish, if only they hadn't touched that tree.

    - Akshay Vasu