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    This year, love should heal us ; that love may be found in others but it must be found in ourselves first. Be in love with each and every part of your body and respect yourself more and more.

    Fall in love with the melody of poetries and poetry should heal the hearts and mend the souls with the threads of metaphors and parables. #newyear #wod

    Getting back to writing nearly after 1.5 months. Literally I missed me. But glad :)

    Thank you so much @writersnetwork ��

    Much more grateful for everything @miraquill ��

    And to many thanks for all the members of this family who support me through this beautiful journey. Love and light��

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    A love tries to wake up from the womb of a heartbreak

    m y
    need your
    kisses again
    to scribble some
    about a summer
    night's love story with the
    fragrance of night jasmine
    those orange -centred
    white petals are craving for
    your breathless breaths darling;
    And my sonnets, again ween for
    the touch of your megalopolis.
    Come back to me darling where
    our solitude melts, wave your
    hands towards me where our
    dreams breathe, Sweetheart !
    exhale inside me once again
    to make my metaphors alive
    save me from the darkness
    of an oak forest and of blank
    verse to wind up the last elegy
    of autumn and to ebb away the
    last heartbreak to drown in the
    monsoon's sibylline and dark womb
    Come to me darling, and forget those
    fragments of concealed-occult heartbreaks
    let me scribble for love before the autumn's
    arrival ; The autumn
    is waiti'g for ////us///
    again to wet i nsi de
    a s i n g l e parasol
    and under arb-our
    of syllables and let
    m e l o v e //you//
    for the sake of the
    the beaver /moon/
    let me love me again darlin'
    let me love me again darlin'
    let me love me again darlin'

    ©Bidya B.