• sharmapalak9536 49w

    In the temple of creation

    Open the doors for each other
    Temple of creation is waiting ahead
    You will be blessed to enter
    Doors to the unknown will open
    Windows of darkness will be visible
    You will collide in the darkness
    Collide you both, to get away
    Then come back, and collide again
    It shall break all your walls
    Pride will shatter to the ground
    Bare will be all your longings
    You shall be left with nothing
    Both of you weightless and floating
    Save each other, hold the mirror
    Tighten the grip, Even more together
    Let love loose your mind then
    Revealing never was the safe place
    You shall see through closed eyes
    For loss Never came without pain
    In the temple of creation
    You will cry over your death
    But, you will be born again
    Oil of love shall never finish
    It shall keep burning