• youthocrat 106w

    The Journey

    We all might have heard at some point in our life that journey is always better than the destination and yes it is indeed. But every journey has an end and the begining to the new one.
    We fear at both the ends of journey. At begining we fear of not knowing whats coming up next and will we be able to tackle that down. The more we worry about the thought of not making right descion at times we have to, more fear grows inside us. No matter how hard we fall or how high we fly during the ups and downs of it, we eventually come to the end of one.
    At the end we fear of loosing what we have achived during the journey. We hold it so tight that we dont want to miss a bit of it. But what we are really holding are just a handful of sand and even knowing the tide of time will take it all away we dont want it to go away so we fight back .We should fight back but not to keep the moments you have already lived rather that jeal which made you keep going so that you can have more of those moments to fade