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    The journey of 14 years

    School is a daily routine for us,
    In the morning we are sure to make a fuss.
    Even when the sun is still not up,
    Here we are at 6 am sharp.
    Late a minute and we have to run,
    Eyes half open, shoelaces undone..
    We reach school and we see our friends,
    Immediately the torture ends.
    The time flew,
    More faster than we knew..
    Today, my heart cries, so do my eyes,
    It really hurts when u miss ur life.
    Project, studies and parties were in talks,
    "boss whose story is on the rocks".
    Beautiful was the time we enjoyed a lot,
    Then came an end to tear us apart..
    Final exams were over and it was time to say goodbye,
    We wished that time never passed by..
    Pictures were taken for memories forever,
    Friends made promises to keep in touch forever...
    Time passed by and all were scattered,
    Only closed ones in contact, others didn't matter.
    This was the journey of 14 years,
    Which were lived without anny fear..