• djehanepoetry 9w

    If Women Ruled the World

    If women ruled the world, there might be jealousy
    And discord, but there would hardly be any wars!
    There would be less corruption, injustice, and cruelty,
    And, above all, fewer moral problems to solve:
    Families would be honored and preserved.
    If women ruled the world, they would remember their beloved
    Children’s faces as they planned for a better Earth for them:
    A kinder world, less hazardous and polluted, where integrity
    And justice prevailed. If women ruled the world, they would
    Use their hearts as well as their brains; they would prevent
    Disasters and genocides; they would strive to spread love
    And kindness, to improve international understanding while
    Increasing friendly global interactions. If women ruled
    The world, they would turn it into a perfect planet, unless
    They were intent on emulating men: copying their ambition
    And love of glory, then there would be no improvement, and
    The world would remain as cataclysmic as it is right now…

    © Djehane Hassouna, 2007

    Rainbow of Emotions, page 149