• _the_writer 49w

    When your uncertainties dawn
    From the doldrums of vapidity
    You ought to swim an ocean,
    Whose brims lasts an infinity,
    For the nearest isle in a distance fade,
    But your limbs too tried to swim ahead.

    Such times, let not agony drown you
    In its torrential volumes,
    For that way you only succumb to
    Drift in your own dreaded dooms,
    Hence, hold your breath and fear not to sink-
    The bouancy regains in a blink.

    Remember, you are like the fluorescence
    In your gloomiest night,
    Gifted with a speck of luminescence
    That cn set you alight,
    You glow like the stars in countless fragment,
    Adorning the night with dots so vibrant.