• galvanizedthoughts 91w

    My poems and you// My poems in you

    My poems are like Gogh's starry night
    an admired vestige, in fading glory
    as waves of sporadic disparity
    beneath strokes of a widow's paintbrush

    You, are like the first cackle
    of a bonfire, stoic and steady in a fireplace
    free but domesticated
    under surveillance of frozen orbs

    My poems are like goth princess
    heads turn as onlookers pass by
    intimidating, yet those eyes that cherished
    these minuscule minutes,
    whisper,be careful she's got the devil's eye

    You and your Bohemia
    are a tattooed hippie duo
    hanging around in odd places
    under the railway bridges or suburban lights
    where eccentricity is an unlikely candidate.

    But like an any- any cliché
    a poem ends, so does your stay
    so I drew walls upon my flesh,
    layer by layer, alike onions.
    I attached my poems, to homing pigeons
    as I watched their tips cutting edges
    across nihilistic bullet raining skies
    hoping to reach the foothills, the summit
    where the Osaka suns arise.