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    Inspired by If I could tell you by WH Auden, though this is nowhere close to it's beauty :-)
    @maiatamarain You made me write, thank you! :-)

    Time is our friend as well as a betrayer,
    It won't last when you need it the most,
    and when you're aching,
    each second is the slowest.
    Who said time is the bestest teacher?
    Did it teach you that forever is a lie?
    If I could hate anything in life,
    it would be change.

    What if nature loses it's sheen,
    when the leaves wilt,
    when the rivers run dry,
    when the flowers wither away,
    when the sun never rises,
    when wind becomes a dead sound,
    when the moon never shows it's luminous face?

    What if people's feelings change?
    like in the summers, when they no longer
    love the sun, like the freezing winters when
    they turn cold to you, or what if they abandon
    you like the fallen autumn leaves or like a
    fellow flower, jealous of your spring?

    What if I say this world you live in
    was never your home? You'll never feel
    at home as we don't belong anywhere,
    not even to ourselves. You may say
    you're a wanderer, but would you admit
    you're a nomad with no no home to go to?,
    for home is not a place, but a sense of certainty,
    of feelings and people you are certain of.

    If change is a kingdom,
    I'm the fallen prisoner,
    change lives on a throne,
    and forever is it's slave,
    change is death, change is life,
    and betwixt lives the momentary forevers,
    but if I could tell you one thing,
    even those forevers is a lie!


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    If I could tell you

    Time is a grave digger and
    change, the graveyards,
    housing those forevers
    that die a cruel death.