• arkknight73 40w

    The road to success

    We go on trying be successful ..we all try over and over to gain. Its a circle of again and again .
    Life can be that big chase game. Yes our minds keep wanting along this way.Is it our real purpose to watch and crave what the next person has.Was life always ment to be schoolyard taught..was the streets always ment to be a war zone..while we see men and kids to be killed over area.Was boarded up countries really a God planned life. No I can't believe it is supposed to be this way...but we still strive hard for a system of success. Will we always feel empty inside after we finally get what we want. Does our mind awaken to the understanding of it all...does that become a life changing experience.?..no book yet on what comes with success.. No one will tell you this..! That we die with ..our without the gain. So what we give up along our path..in that go hard.. only means more of painful moment. For the true path is to gain people and friends ,love ,and live with peace..and it all ends with your soul.For the negative sacrifices kill us daily and our smiles become heavy on the chase to success.So live or ride on the path to it. Right its the pressure of the system.That fun ride to a successful place in earthly form. All just push this button on truth...and wait.
    Just maybe this word awakening hits you like a heat seeking missile. For you also can write change to the world.You also can love and leave a bread crumbs along the path to truth. Its not success.. its God.