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    *The first belly dancers were a group of traveling dancers known as the ghawazee.
    *Salah Jahin was known as ‘the poet of the revolution’ as a lot of his work was greatly inspired by the 1952 Egyptian revolution.

    The Ghawazee
    (Belly Dancers)

    A hindrance to dancing silhouettes
    A hindrance to rustling zephyr
    A hindrance to ballet and ballerina
    A hindrance to soaring poetries

    Banished they wore sandals forlorn
    Banished they flamed the woebegone
    Banished they cut spaces and stories
    Banished they halted blazing culpability

    Clandestine cocoon on their belly skin
    Clandestine cocoon to carve carcasses
    Clandestine cocoon for giddy moves
    Clandestine cocoon as for later consequences

    Dancing in cups to brew the culture
    Dancing in clouds to optimize the sky
    Dancing in canvases to suspire sunrises
    Dancing in deserts with warm breeze

    Egypt sways with brooks of books
    Egypt sways with Jahin's poetic revolution
    Egypt sways with Great Sphinx Of Ghiza
    Egypt sways with dash moves of belly dancers

    Flip the pages when dance was God
    Flip the pages when quick belly motion crowned
    Flip the pages when this art was worshipped
    Flip the pages when thin body wasn't needed

    Ghazals gurgles the silence of solace
    Ghazals gurgles that moving demeanor
    Ghazals gurgles beleaguered to haiku-hours
    Ghazals gurgles when belly's devour the beats

    Healing prowess some tied with songs
    Healing prowess some gulped through clowns
    Healing prowess some find in temples
    Healing prowess some whirl through capering

    Inked the destinies in the bottled promises
    Inked the dreams on the wings of butterflies
    Inked the destruction at the 3:00 am tick
    Inked the despondency in their oscillation

    Juxtaposition of rainbows and phantasm
    Juxtaposition of ghunghroos and gajray
    Juxtaposition of pleasure and passion
    Juxtaposition of sashay and allemande

    Knightly stars when weave dark constellations
    Knightly stars when shone with chimera
    Knightly stars when beautified poetries
    Knightly stars when whirls in moonbeams

    Looting nuances to dug the puddled abodes
    Looting nuances to catch sparrows and fireflies
    Looting nuances to stitch yellow daffodils
    Looting nuances to learn the art of twirling

    Manoeuvring on vertiginous wine-fields
    Manoeuvring on stages of alchemy
    Manoeuvring betwixt chapters of history
    Manoeuvring at the glimpse of poets

    Nosepins meandering with rosy l(h)ips
    Nosepins meandering with balladry of hair
    Nosepins meandering with twitches of stomach
    Nosepins meandering with circling feet

    Oasis their orbs carry two sunsets of cadavers
    Oasis their palms to say adieu to autumn
    Oasis their shadows complimenting blackness
    Oasis their ringlets moving with permanence

    Pulchritude gypsies dabbling bizarre fables
    Pulchritude gypsies cursing the backasswards
    Pulchritude gypsies trembling with symphonies
    Pulchritude gypsies dancing in The River Nile

    Quadruplet to couplet their sways concoct
    Quadruplet to prose their journey bedeck
    Quadruplet to sonnets their tears envelopes
    Quadruplet to limericks their soul sails

    Rollicking through the crest and trough
    Rollicking through the stygian eclipse
    Rollicking through vague allegories
    Rollicking through ballrooms and kingship

    Songs are upbeat to rock and royals
    Songs are brimming life, death and glee
    Songs are susurrating on broken lyrics
    Songs are radiating beauty in their sculpture

    Twinkling anecdotes pirouetting with verses
    Twinkling anecdotes painting out treasures of sea
    Twinkling anecdotes gulping the Titanic screams
    Twinkling anecdotes highlighting their physique

    Utopia till Mughal's Mahal stole the galaxies
    Utopia till Martin was chasing fireflies
    Utopia till Van Gogh captured the starry night
    Utopia till The Ghawazee were quilling tactics

    Voyages to engulf the shawl of summer
    Voyages to understand every motion
    Voyages to feel magic and dance in nature
    Voyages to learn the hidden staircase of passion

    Waists underpin with woes and euphoria
    Waists underpin to frozen moon and glamorous sun
    Waists underpin with winks and cheers
    Waists underpin with eddy and billowing cadence

    Xibelani dance hit the right strings of heart
    Xibelani dance engrossed the crying garth
    Xibelani dance for cavorting on horizon
    Xibelani dance portraying sand and swings

    Yesteryears chewing the flow of chorus
    Yesteryears burling the crisp creases
    Yesteryears to birl the body like combers
    Yesteryears cascading aurora of gyrating

    Zilch one cleave in arduous streams
    Zilch one clad in vivid imageries
    Zilch one feel to endure the void
    Zilch they rotate with blooming belly .


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    "If I have to use an
    anaphora to describe you,
    I'll summon dwarf of death
    to cage your sway
    In the tapestry of urnfield"
    ~Egypt's cacophony to
    The Ghawazee.