• avanthikaleesha 33w


    I'm insane
    Someone who lost identity
    in a split of second
    I laugh, I cry
    but, the tears I shed
    no longer wet your heart
    neither my blood
    since I completely lost it
    _ my dreams, love and dignity

    I'm insane
    A prisoner without a crime
    if my existence doesn't count
    I scream, I weep
    but, the noise I make
    no longer shakes your heart
    neither my silence
    since you ruthlessly stole them
    _ my opinions, thoughts and emotions

    I'm insane
    A soul who lost meaning
    in a few mental breakdowns
    I listen, I see
    but, the words I utter
    no longer excite your heart
    neither my poems
    since you carelessly threw them out
    _ my curiosity, vision and ideas

    But, I'm still alive
    A man with flesh and blood
    I breath I sense and I stumble
    in the firmly fettered chains
    made of unwritten laws
    I dream I love and I get hurt
    in the silver key of contempt
    I have been locked into
    until my deserted heart
    faces an untimely demise
    within the shock treatments that
    penetrates sanity and wisdom