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    Life is like a narration, try narrating your words at times to give your audience full gist and update-AFOLALEKAN

    Alas! I have been to the north
    looking for a lady with Kayamanta
    I went to the south
    then to the east
    without leaving aside the west,
    yet still I couldn't find the one

    A second I glanced through a lady,
    sleeping in a bus
    with her smile coupled with her radiated twilight face.
    A Casanova I said I was
    Despite with a lady
    whom I thought I have seen it all with
    Then I realized her name-Yena

    A lady whose smile is angelically beautiful
    Her lips were fanimorous for licking
    and her-laps I know not much
    but the little I know
    she's endowed with two oranges
    quite okay for breakfast
    a rejuvenated arse yummy for dinner.

    Yena! only God knows where she is from
    I couldn't take my eyes off her
    but could see her being mine.

    You all wonder why I say so.
    she's an attention seeker
    then I shall become the seeker
    giving her what she seeks
    so I can have her to myself.

    Be it a mistress or not,
    immediately, I make Intel's of her
    then I realized she is not just an ordinary girl.
    but extraordinary to the core
    she's a lioness
    among hyena
    a drama queen
    within expert
    and a lover at fault
    A lady-Yena is her name.

    ©Fawass Olalekan Adelabu