• pen_fighter 183w

    And my last weekend was different from all those weekends when I sat back on my sofa , and eat , eat a lot and sleep sleep a lot.
    Last weekend I met a 68 year old lady who lost her husband at 30 and became a govt teacher at 33 and made her 4 children educated, married and now bought a house in dehradun to live herself and chill, her desire to be happy and her desire to devote herself totally to god,
    I met a 23 year beautiful girl to whom the doctors said, she will only live for few more days and there was smile that told me nothing can ever make her weak,
    I saw teachers taking bribe to pass their students,
    I met a hospital full of thousand patients, hoping to live, hoping to die, I saw a girl very tensed to get a seat in metro,
    There is a lot you will meet, you will see everyday, new people, new hope, new broken hearts and each day you will see in the mirror , you will find a new you waving back to you.
    Meet people with a smile, stay with them, make friends and hope, you never know what can change you and how you can make them!