• cobydaniels 85w


    This is for all the women
    That have ever been body shamed-
    You are more than enough
    Just the way you are
    You are a masterpiece

    When they look at your body
    And label you a freak
    Do not break your stride
    March on with pride
    For your out-of-shape body is a testament
    To the formlessness of life itself
    Before time. Before the beginning.
    Tell them you are the source of all life
    That the source of all life is formless

    We choose to give things perspective
    We stay boxed in by prison bars
    That are all up in our heads
    So no matter what they say
    Do not lose your mind

    You look in a different place
    They look at the universe for a mirror
    They search for beauty in chaos
    But you, remember always
    You look into your soul
    To see what you are

    A masterpiece
    Fearfully and wonderfully sculpted
    So do not let them blind you
    You are more than enough.