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    4 AM

    I miss suddenly waking up at 4 am and realizing that your arm had wrapped my body and your foot had kept mine warm throughout the night. Seeing your face sleeping soundly ever so calm, I'd never believe how moody you can get every morning (but it’s cute as much as it’s annoying). I miss 4 am when I just stare at you and smile like a creepy person. Pretend to sleep whenever you move to change position. And go back to staring at you more. I miss 4 am when it’s my turn to give you warmth.

    At this hour, as I hug you from the back, I’d be sticking my head into your neck and gently place kisses wishing you “sweet dreams”. And if it isn’t enough for me (which is likely the case), I’d even profess my love for you.

    “I love you.”, I'd whisper, and kisses you more. If what I was doing is a crime, 4 am could testify against me on court. And I would plead guilty of falling madly in love.

    —A.J. Generillo

    — — —

    From my book "Creatures of Moments" that I currently work on and hopefully publish very soon, as soon as the quarantine situation ends.

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