• lijtisya 60w


    We are not superior,
    They are not inferior,
    They are humans, men with brains!
    They lied to us!

    Race, speech, gender, complexation differ,
    But results carry non of this!
    My colour never appears on my answer sheet!
    But Mama! Master sees the colour of others!
    They are the best, yet non of them passes!
    They lied to us!

    I am given chances I don't deserve,
    To them it's a favour to get them!
    Am tired!
    The last to be served, never taken seriously!
    Immigrants they call them!
    They lied to us!
    We are all equal!

    They are overcharged! I walk in free!
    "We are the owners we claim!"
    In silence they walk off, an utterance is an offence!
    I board a bus no one cares, he enters men cover their pockets!
    Skin never steals, a person does!
    They lied to us!

    On arms they walked on not!
    On trees they lived not!
    We are not superior!
    They lied to us!
    We are equal, we deserve same justice!
    They are humans! They not inferior!
    We are equal!
    They lied to us!