• windingpaths 11w

    A stranger

    I look for doors and windows
    to shut and open -
    My thoughts are dying out;
    Kindly show me the way
    To the land where born and unborn
    shadow of yours
    lay beside the bales of hay.
    Sometimes I wonder,
    Of your presence and absence
    like a sky gazer exploring the bright-dim stars and their numbers.
    'Such efforts are pipe dreams,
    You are impossible to reach out', they say.
    You come and go as you please
    Like a moonbow which lives for night and light,
    Such a known stranger you are,
    Unintelligible but sweet.
    I look for the riddle filled poems
    to read and write -
    My thoughts may live;
    From word to word
    I keep connecting to your rhythm,
    but nothing stays.
    Two terminal sometimes they seem
    like asking for a connection,
    But line by line it becomes an n-sided polygon.
    Then, I look for calculation
    to reach the end and breathe --
    Again neither you nor your word stays
    And my thoughts go for a peaceful sleep.

    #free #old

    Shoot! I didn't use the words free and float in it, I just noticed ��

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    A stranger