• rlc_coldquill 33w

    They don't want to kill you, they just wanna wish you wanna die. No lie check receipts on reply. Left on read. Look to sky. Help us now before we fire. Help us now before they file
    Bile is the smell of injustice trails
    Foul as the smell of burnt bodies
    Swinging In the hot summer breeze.
    Thousands gathered for the wine and cheese.
    Repetitive knives and knees
    No vases for the weeds
    Should be free for all races and creeds
    Seemingly founded off slain wild horses with reeds
    I breath
    I bleed
    For the lost souls off greed
    Steady, but quick the sword I plead
    If seen
    Know I'm keen
    Know I'm King
    But know, I'll look you in the eye like a being