• poetryfromsoul 18w

    It's a romantic scene from a boy point of view. It's written by a friend of mine. A long one but it's an interesting read.

    @clichepenname sir, a read please :)


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    I see you sleeping
    But you were angry slightly
    I was late
    I call your name and you barely move
    I creep closer
    The tension in the bedsheet and
    the mattress make you aware
    Something is going to happen
    I come near your ear
    I kiss it gently
    You turn your face
    I call your name
    You don't respond
    I say maya listen to me
    You give me a muffled no
    I say I can't hear you
    Before you could reply
    I hold your hair and gently
    Pull on it
    You like that
    Before u have a chance to respond
    I bring my lips dangerously close to your lower lip
    But then settle them on your cheek
    Then you feel my beard
    On your cheek
    It tickles
    For a moment you dont move
    The goosebumps in semi effect
    You try to protest
    But my right cheek is firmly pressed against your left one
    Your heart rate increases as I apologise and breath on your ear
    I put my mouth on your ear
    Time stops for a second for you
    Your defence collapses with the onrushing oxytocin waves
    You say my name
    I go to your slender neck
    To alter the note your vocal cords just hit
    I give a gentle bite
    You grab my hair and you say you need me
    I run my hand down
    Your spine
    Stopping at my favourite curve
    I move my mouth to your slender waist
    And nibble
    Now you are eager for what's going to transpire
    I sit and pull you up to me
    Your face flushed
    You sitting facing me
    I pull you even closer
    You are breathing me in
    You wrap your shapely legs around me
    I grab your hair
    And lean in
    And you lean in too
    To meet at a summit
    Where two red avalanches meet
    Your defence is gone
    It parts
    Ever so slightly
    And you taste defeat in my victory
    This defeat is minty and sweet
    It surrounds your entire being in static
    All the lanugo stand up in unison
    Your body moves to it
    It didn't know it craved for
    Locked in a tight embrace
    Breathing through each other
    Till your anger disperses like
    The rushing blood to ear vulnerable ears
    You needed this
    I needed this
    We stop for a second
    Look into the eyes of each other
    We smile
    As you hug me to let me your heartbeat
    And I gently lay you back down
    Locked in your arms
    You love holding me like that
    I love staying like that and the way you play with my hair
    Then we talk
    Till the sun comes up
    Before I sit again
    And this time
    I dont reroute my kiss
    This time it goes right to the place from which
    You say my name when you are
    In Ecstasy.