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    Found this one gathering dust :)

    Also, there used to be a brilliant writer Parneet here, some time back, with the username @parneet_kaur . She has deleted her account here. Anyone knowing her whereabouts, by any chance?

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    Crimson Flush

    There is nothing more comforting than warmth
    Rays of sun painting my cheeks red
    Blistering campfires that tickle my toes
    My own blood trickling down my sweating arms.

    As I looked into the bathroom mirror
    I felt nothing but
    Glowing and smouldering.
    Toxic words that had been spat at me
    disappeared down the sink
    A blurry fist fight faded to memory
    My black eye and bleeding nose
    ceased to pain me
    All I felt was the red blanket coating my arms
    It doesn't hurt
    I feel nothing
    Silver pens write terrible tragedies in red ink
    But they also write happier endings for
    troubled minds.

    I am my own demise
    My own destruction
    There is no conductor and my train is
    off the rails
    Spinning, racing out of control
    And stopping at a red light
    Red lights that pool into one in my palm
    Translucent, reflecting the light above me
    I see red
    I feel warm
    I taste fate
    She can't hurt me as long as I am warm.

    I will leave this world
    with no blood on my hands
    but my own.