• kingzap 55w

    The game

    It's a normal day and as we all are aware that because of the achievements some people gain much trust quite easily. But let's say if four friends combined the best team.
    The four of them were individually possessed different qualities a super human type ability each. Like Dheeraj had a quality of noticing each and every detail and making a very scientific and accurate deduction. Samarth had a great instinct. It can be said that his instinct were almost always right. Abhi had a power to support his friendship along with this he also had an calculating mind. There was no problem which he could not solve except one or two. Raj had a unique ability he always corrected Dheeraj's deduction and an promising personality.
    The game is all about these friends getting unknowingly involved in the situation where in it is not easy to predict every second every challenge has a positive as well as a negative effect.
    People loving excitement and adventure used to contact an administrative group and get into The game. The game it was a unique concept a beautiful and mysterious hotel who had a very bold and clear challenge you choose a room stay in there two nights the third morning you would be rewarded with first prize. People always thought what's in staying in a hotel's room when it had all the facilities.
    But it was believed only three person came out and that too are believed to have lost their sanity. Whatever happened in there no one knew what it was or how it could be resisted. Some said that those three found to be addicted to drugs but this had to happen only after they returned from that hotel.
    One of the three survivors was a fine scientist another was a businessman and the third was an very efficient architect. How could they loose their sanity something had to be wrong there but what that was still a mystery.
    This group of four students Raj, Dheeraj, Abhi, Samarth who were believed to be best detective agency were called on to solve the case.