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    26 Nov 2021 5.15 pm

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    Elusive Endings

    Endings are not always as peaceful as sunsets
    Where a tenebrous sun dips gracefully into tangerine waves
    While mellifluous hymns lingers in the periphery of hindsight

    Endings are mostly as disruptive as chaotic volcanoes
    Where an epiphany explodes an introspective solitude
    While the echo of the eruption ricochets in the waves of insight

    Endings can be as cathartic as tragic dramatic musicals
    Where flaws are interwoven with facades to deliver emotional edges
    While the arresting symphonies arouse the sense of foresight

    Endings are peaceful, disruptive and cathartic
    Most of all, endings are as imperfect as beginnings
    What's perfect is the continuity of matter, the seesaw of motion

    / Imperfection is acceptable /