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    Life is a journey which starts at the moment we born and is stopped when we die, we think.
    But it's not!
    Involuntarily the journey longs to so far darkness we can never return.
    Isn't that the death ?.. yeah the bitter truth!
    Death is not the opposite of life, it's the counterpart of birth.
    Death has always fascinated me more than life ever did. Sometimes I feel like whatever we achieve no matter death will take us and we have to leave all and all here so what if I start a journey to follow death and after sometime I myself feel like it's not the right time to taste the bitterness of death as the genuine me is questing for happiness not an escape from life (sort of) like a coward!

    Is death more beautiful or fruitful than life ?
    If it's not, then why dead ones never return ?
    Did not they think about the mother nature or
    beloved ones or were they put down by any godly presence or evil force ?
    Do dead people need anyone to accompany them ? Do dead people scream beneath the soil ? Are these kinda revenge taken by mother nature ?
    ; Looking outside through the window I felt tons of leaves shed and flowers wilted were gone forever. In reality, plants are actually farming us by giving us oxygen everyday until we all decompose so they can consume us.
    Isn't it keeping us for its own existence ?

    Why death ?..
    Maybe the answer would be another question (in some way) what would happen when
    Who would accompany all of us ?


    What's the purpose of life ?
    Firstly, what's the color of life ? More probably white - pure white!
    From a toddler crying in bed to an old aged person we all grow up (second childhood)..
    Isn't life colorful ?
    Over and again some stick to same colors,black and white again put in us in up's and down's of life.
    Life is making itself colorful and we are playing our roles (sometimes well planned performance and sometimes not at all) like in a drama.
    Since my nine, I was thinking deeply over "Why life?"
    "What factor can make a meaningful life?"
    And yeah now I sorted something outta my observation. I got a right conclusion I mean.
    Life is a fruitful journey. We carry millions of lessons to move on. It has its own sweetness and bitterness. Looking at life in a different perspective can make you fall in love with life again and again. Finding a meaning ourselves make life more meaningful.
    In other words, It's better to make life meaningful rather than merely searching for the purpose of life.
    70% of people are still perplexed over the purpose of life. But why ?
    Multiple passionate purposes lead our journey well.
    By the way, the ultimate purpose of life is "Happiness".
    To be happy and making at least someone or others too happy.

    The only true solution to find the inner lying happiness is looking life from a different perspective.
    For instance,
    If we feel dejected or depressed, do not reject a way or a chance to make oneself happy.
    Worst days or moments we had might brought us powerful lessons!!
    Happiness starts within, unless we recognize our passions.
    In the up's and down's of life happiness plays hide and seek.
    We get depressed easily when negative comments and vibes attempt to swallow us and gradually we make it feel like the worst moments of our lives.
    If we feel like we are outta placed in an atmosphere full of suffocating crowds. No question!
    We should not shrink into any shell.
    We should not be confined to someone's expected but false roles. Break that glass box and get outta it to explore yourselves.
    To be happy..
    Stand for what is right and just love what you do, 'cause you deserve happiness.
    "..Live this short yet beautiful life rather than mere existence".

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