• firojktimalsina 91w

    Sonnet 14

    Salute! To the dearest among the dearest
    Thine letter for thee, leaving memoirs beside
    I rushed on the fly. Farthest could be nearest,
    Ignorance is bliss but without a hut to reside.

    Starry nights and the Zephyr wave, I miss
    Nights spent with you, here I am a blue-collar
    though I can't sit tight, a memory of your kiss
    Lasts forever, with the fade of natures color.

    Our fervor for each other may change or not,
    Forgive me for I blurt sometime. So strange
    Mimesis you do, stains on canvas tell a lot.
    I am lost, surviving on orts, spending my age.

    This hurts something more than we thought,
    Goodbyes and cries and all that pitied gaze.

    ©Firoj K. Timalsina