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    I finally wrote down all the words i needed to tell myself

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    Dear Peter

    You are a real awkward personality
    You are always hard on yourself
    You try to conform to what the public says, that you forget just how amazing you really are,
    You need to be careful with who you entertain and who you choose to share yourself with, because not everyone will appreciate who you are,
    Different people with different ideologies of who you are, when no one knows the whole story,
    To some, you are proud, arrogant and care free, what they don't see is the amount of times you doubt yourself, the times you overthink,
    To some you talk too much, what they dont know is how secretive you really are,
    You always seem to love with your all and you are ready to risk it all, even after the amount of hurt that you have gone through,
    Never let your free spirited nature make anyone berate or disrespect you,
    I hope one day you fully heal and understand that not everyone is meant to be loved by you, and no matter how hard you try you cant be there for everyone.
    Sometimes Peter you have to be the villian, apologise and forgive yourself..
    With all your accomplishments never forget to be little in your own eye.
    The people meant to be in your life would stay
    And for anyone who can say negatives about you could also say positives but refuse to.
    Dear Peter, you are not A vibe
    You are THE VIBE.
    Continue building a masterpiece with your imperfections..
    Remember you don't stress when its meant for you..
    You are phenomenal..