• maoahi 13w

    I saw a fox worrying
    I went near, it was holding a baby fox
    It had it's eyes fixed on a cave
    I asked, what's in that cave?
    Is it something you need for your baby
    Crying fox never stopped crying
    In jumbled words it mumbled
    Why my baby doesn't look like them
    She was pointing to the lion cubs
    I said well it's born from you
    It ought to look like you
    What else did you expect
    Crying fox wiped it's tears and announced
    "I will train my baby fox to be a lion so that one day it can become a king"
    I was surprised but not for too long
    This was just a stupid dream
    Animals are far more intelligent than humans
    They might not understand artificial intelligence
    But they know and respect the laws of nature
    That's why they're happier