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    Things I left when I left you

    I left my dreams, memories,
    music I loved
    and my favourite tunes,
    I left a ringtone,
    a caller tune in your phone.
    I left a pen, a vacant ink-catridge,
    a filled ink-bottle,
    some metaphors at your doorstep,
    some consonances at your window,
    some allegories in your diary,
    some poetry in your heart.

    I left behind a person,
    a living flame of fire,
    a flying shade of grey,
    raindrops of joy,
    teardrops of melancholy,
    rivulets of memories,
    flowin' down your cheeks.
    I left an artbook - incomplete,
    a journal - empty,
    a diary - blank.
    I left my time in your room,
    and locked it in there forever.
    I left the lavenders,
    I plucked from your garden,
    on the footpath
    I walked through in my life.
    I left the sweaters
    we weaved together,
    within a bottle of winters.
    I left you and everything,
    except me.

    ©daffodilpearlzz ~ Bhavya
    Wed 11 Aug 2021