• me_as_nuisance 30w

    It's most of the days I dress up just to look into the mirror and say words like these.
    #selflove #charms

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    I looked and exclaimed woww!
    What an amazing creation!
    Eyes those hazel brown,
    That attracts more than one.

    Oh those sweetened lips,
    Tastes honey, colour rose.
    Scattered hair in the air,
    Perfect are those.

    I'd love to be fooled by that charm,
    Not like the one that a movie character shows.
    You're something of a perfectionist,
    That makes my heart overflow.

    Magical is your smile, that has got me to be your slave with no way to redemption.
    Every time I see into the mirror
    I say to myself 'oh what an obsession!'.
    -Heena Pradeep Pirankar