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    I actually have a tattoo of enso! Life is all about happy accidents! Just as how a strawberry in the shape of a mango is something to celebrate, people who don't live according to conventionally set standards are to be celebrated as well.

    *purple which I added in the last line reflects to the meaning of the color according to BTS. Purple means forever according to V, an idol from BTS.

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    Life is fully shaped around imperfection
    Imperfection is the definition of beauty,

    We make friends with rejection
    And perfection remains all as duty,

    The dirt on your clothes and hand
    Acting as evidence to you experiencing life,

    The grass growing on the uneven land
    Just a bit more beautiful than perfectly mowed lawn,

    Shells and stones along with the sand
    Adding more beauty to the beachy dawn,

    A brushy stroke of incomplete circle,
    Adding beauty to life filled with purple.