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    Fairytales, folklore;
    Some tragic, some happy to the core!
    A lost princess, a damsel in distress, ��
    Handsome princes��, villains ��‍♂️like eye sores!

    Smart wizards��‍♂️, cunning witches,
    Old crones, as cruel as the grave,
    Tall towers��, long hair,
    Innocent girls, poor and naive!

    Talking mice, singing birds,��
    Flying horses��, changing toads,
    Dense forests, sparkly lakes,
    Across the seas��, along new roads!

    Fairy god-moms��‍♀️, kind and gentle,
    Tiny pixies, intelligent elves��‍♂️,
    Little dwarves, sleepy and stumpy,
    Old cottages��, with potions on shelves!

    Bread crumbs to show the path,
    Pumpkins ��that turn to carts,
    Lost slippers made of glass,
    Early mornings and midnight starts!

    Wicked curses and scary spells!
    Step moms and wicked maids,
    Poison apples ��, magical cakes,
    Kings and queens ��of hearts and spades♠!

    Enchanted worlds, as tiny as a thumb,
    Magical places, as large as giants,
    Creepers ��that grow as tall as the sky,
    Thick snow falls, and rains in torrents��☔!

    Childhood dreams and hopes and scares,
    As we grow up, they just change shapes,
    But somewhere, in the heart, we still do hope,
    There is a magical land, for which the heart craves!


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    Fairytales and Forklore!

    I dream of a world, with a magical wand
    I will wave it and woosh! Corona will be gone!