• dark_sunshine_01 27w

    This night

    I am awake now,
    There's no light,
    It's dark and scented,
    The night smells good,
    The smell brightens the dark,
    The dark accompanies me,
    So m not alone,
    I lay here writing this,
    low-key thanking this shade,
    For giving me a beak,
    Giving me time and space......

    It's different tonight,
    M sad but m not down,
    There's no moon no light,
    But I feel m nourishing,
    I ain't crying nor cursing,
    I am breathing , living and sensing,

    I smell brightness around me,
    In the form of some pollen,
    Oh it's the flowers,
    That bloom on my window,
    They are white,scenting,Noble and calm
    They knock on my glass,With no sound