• liz_thehiddengem 21w


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    Happy Birthday, son!

    "As a parent it still is shocking, that we are able to put our bullshit to the side, in order to see that twinkle in our children's eye. 
    It is not easy, as some may make it out to be but it is definitely a challenge and I choose to be on the winning team. 
    Johnny, you are my world. Everything I do is for you, please remember that I try not to be cruel.
    Tough love is what I call it, even though you may not understand that right now, so let's celebrate your birthday with a smile. 
    Another blessing that our wonderful Father up above has blessed us with. Thank you and once again, Amen! 
    To many more birthdays, I am praying that I am able to celebrate with you. Remember, that tomorrow is brand new. 
    Take advantage of all the opportunities that life presents itself because that is what will make you, so please do not be another book in the shelf. 
    You are meant to shine in this world and not blend in, please grow up and be a great MAN!