• saloni_04 24w

    And so finally, today I complete 1 year on Miraquill! (Me silently shouting 'Yayyy'). I can't believe, days pass so swiftly. I still feel like a newbie. I met so many brilliant writers here. Some left, some are on deactivated mode and some are still here writing wonders. But the love and support I get from you all, I will never forget that! Each one of you will always have a special place in my heart. Each one of you is special. ❤️

    Writing this journey of mine as a memory and also as an ode to all the Mirakeeans/Miraquilleans and ofcourse, Writersnetwork and Miraquill too for being there with me from start to present. Some 'dil ki baat' written over here. Much love to all of you! Happy December.❄️

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    I wrote imperfect poetries,
    Some free verses, some short stories,
    With loads of thoughts and unstable will,
    I discovered this app called Miraquill.

    I love to interact but not on social media,
    So I had a fear before joining this area,
    "I shall exit from here soon" , I thought so,
    But when I entered this place, it didn't let me go.

    Initial days were quite lonely,
    Not much reads; just a few only,
    Nevertheless, I diverted my attention,
    Towards seeking a writer in me with passion.

    I started reading more of what others write,
    How talented are all with thoughts so bright!
    I read more, I learnt, I implement,
    With a burning desire to be different.

    I chose to be simple,
    Just me, my words and thoughts mingle,
    Trying to find out my sense of style,
    I chose to sit and think for a while.

    My patience was finally paying me off,
    Coming across new writers was a lovely faceoff,
    Each time I was given a kickstart,
    To rise and bloom in the writing art.

    I inspired myself from many writers here,
    Be it any language, they all deserve a cheer,
    This place made me realise the power of writing,
    When I got comments that said, "keep inking".

    I'm happy to be a part of this place,
    I discovered writing and writers full of grace,
    Thanking you all for bringing the best in me,
    I don't regret being here, that's all I see.

    - I'm still a learner. Each time I learn new things. I fall, I rise, I walk and the learning cycle continues.